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The International Center 's International Partnership Fund offers small financial awards to support approved campus programs and events at Tufts that have an international focus. Support is available for events taking place at any of Tufts's campuses, including Medford / Somerville, Boston Health Sciences, Boston Fenway (SMFA), and Grafton.

Awards will generally not exceed $500 for any single request unless there is an extraordinarily compelling basis for additional support and no more than $500 will be granted to an individual entity (e.g., student association or program) in an academic year. Because Partnership funds are limited, the likelihood of obtaining funding for an event will increase if it has multiple sponsors.

Eligibility and Restrictions

  • To qualify for International Partnership funds, the request must be submitted by an authorized representative of a recognized Tufts student association / organization, department, office, or center
  • The event must meet with any appropriate University approvals
  • The event must be open to members of the Tufts community
  • The event must take place during the academic year (September - May); summer events are not funded
  • Funds cannot be used for events intended to support a particular political candidate or party
  • Funds cannot be used to cover the cost of gifts, meals, accommodations, or alcohol
  • Funds cannot be used to support conference attendance or school trips or treks for individual students or student groups

Funding Process

  • To request funding through the International Partners program, submit an application by December 1 for Fall 2019 (requests for retroactive funding will be considered) or February 1 for Spring 2020 using our online International Partnership Fund Request application form.
  • The request will be reviewed by an International Center committee and organizers will be notified approximately 1 week after the deadline of the funding decision and amounts
  • Funds will be transferred to the requesting organization, program, or office following approval of the request


Contact the International Center at

The International Center's Campus Partnership Fund is intended to support programs and events that help to celebrate the University's cultural diversity, foster international cross-cultural understanding, and promote engagement and dialogue around global issues at the local, national, and international scales. Priority consideration will be given to:

  • Campus-wide events aimed at acknowledging, recognizing, and celebrating the international and cultural diversity of the University
  • Events that foster dialogue around global issues of concern
  • Events that focus on the advancement and integration of international students, scholars, and employees into the academic and social community of the University
  • Events that draw attention to the range and richness of internationally-focused research and study at Tufts