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Updated May 19, 2023

Fee Responsibility

Tufts departments seeking to sponsor visiting scholars and/or employees are generally responsible for International Center processing fees and US government filing fees, if necessary. Please refer to the tables below for more specific fee breakdowns by visa category. However, the costs for self-funded visiting scholars in J-1 status may be paid by either the visiting scholar or the department, based on department policy. If the self-funded scholar is required to pay the fees, the scholar must be informed in advance by the department of this policy, and provided information about the associated costs.

The individual employee is generally responsible for fees associated with the production and delivery of personal documents, such as passport application fees; US consular visa fees; and fees relating to the translation and evaluation of foreign credentials, educational records, and licenses. The individual employee is also responsible for any costs associated with visa processes for accompanying dependents. For information about the costs of sponsoring employees for US permanent residents, refer to the section on Sponsoring Permanent Residents.

Fee Payment Methods

Fee payment methods will be paid

  • International Center processing fees paid by the department will be paid by DeptID and billed on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The DeptID will be collected at the time the department makes a request for the individual visitor or employee.
  • Any US government filing fees, primarily for H-1B petitions, will require a check issued to the US Department of Homeland Security - see instructions by visa category, below.
  • Self-funded J-1 scholars who are paying the International Center J-1 processing fee directly should do so using Flywire. Scholars who are already in the US may pay by a US bank check made payable to "The Trustees of Tufts College".
  • Tufts Medical Center departments sponsoring J-1 scholars should issue a check made payable to "The Trustees of Tufts College".

Refund Policy

International Center processing fees are final and non-refundable once the International Center issues a Form DS-2019 (for J-1 scholars) or Labor Condition Application (for H-1B temporary workers and E-3 Australian specialty occupation workers). Prior to the issuance of these documents, the sponsoring department may ask that a J-1 or H-1B request be withdrawn with no charge to the department or individual self-funded J-1 scholars.

Fee Schedule by Visa Category