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F-1 Employment Overview

Important Reminder: Employment Authorization Required

F-1 students are limited to certain types of employment, which are listed below. With the exception of on-campus employment, students must also receive written authorization in advance before accepting and starting any work. Working in the US without authorization is an extremely serious violation of immigration regulations, and may lead to termination of your visa and eligibility to remain in the US. In order to avoid unauthorized employment, read and follow the instructions described on this web site, or consult with an International Center advisor BEFORE starting any employment activity.

Pre-Completion and Post-Completion Employment Options

(A) Pre-Completion Employment Options. Pre-completion employment refers to employment options available before you complete your degree requirements. These options are not available after you complete your degree requirements. Note: under US immigration regulations, the distinction between pre- and post-completion is not your actual graduation date, but when you complete the requirements for your degree, certificate, or other educational objective.

(B) Post-Completion Employment Options. Once you finish your degree requirements, only the following F-1 employment options are available.

Volunteering and Unpaid Internships

F-1 students may have questions about whether or not they can volunteer or engage in unpaid internships. Please refer to our Volunteering and Unpaid Internships page for more information.

Information for Internship Providers

Basic information guide for companies and organizations providing internship opportunities to international students. See our Information for Internship Providers guide.