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The International Center offers a variety of programs to support international students, scholars, and employees and their dependents. Our programs are developed by our staff and in collaboration with other departments, offices, and student associations across Tufts.

Our programming strategy and initiatives are always growing and evolving. We welcome your recommendations about how we can create programs and events to better serve the Tufts community.

International Center Partnerships

The International Center supports and collaborates with student organizations and other offices at Tufts to promote international community. We are especially proud of our long-standing role in supporting the International House ("I-House") special interest housing community, as well as the I-Club.

Davies House, better known as International House (or "I-House") is a Tufts residence for 16 students from all over the world, including the US. The I-House offers an intercultural living arrangement for both international students and Americans with the goal of creating an environment in which residents can share their cultures and celebrate their differences among friends.

The I-House hosts cultural events for the rest of the Tufts community throughout the year. Look in The Tufts Daily and the I-Center Calendar for announcements about what's happening at the I-House, such as the Fall BBQ, lectures, movies and parties with international or intercultural themes.

The I-House is located at 13 Sawyer Avenue, across the street from the International Center. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are invited to apply to live in the I-House. Contact the International Center for more information about future I-House events.

More information about I-House (Residential Life)

03/03/2018 - Parade of Nations (Alonso Nichols/Tufts University)

The International Club, or "I-Club," is an undergraduate group that welcomes international and American students as members of the Tufts international community. The history of the International Club dates back to 1955. The club offers leadership roles and responsibilities through the various sponsored activities during the year.

Parade of Nations

One of I-Club's showcase activities is the annual Parade of Nations, which brings together people of all cultures to share and experience different aspects of each other's culture through music, dance, performance and fashion.

Oliver ChapmanEach year, the International Club, with the support of the International Center, chooses and awards the Oliver Chapman Leadership and Community Service Award. Since its inception in 1993, the Chapman Award recognizes a senior who has demonstrated leadership through involvement in the international community at Tufts.

Award winners are nominated by his/her peers and selected by a committee consisting of I-Club officers, leaders from different cultural and ethnic organizations at Tufts, and a member of the International Center staff.

About the Chapman Award

The Chapman Award was established in the spring of 1993 in memory of Oliver Chapman. Oliver was an undergraduate student from Panama who passed away in May of 1992. Oliver had many friends within the international community, was loved by all who knew him and he was always ready to help others. Oliver's openness to other cultures allowed many people to learn from each other through their interactions with him. Oliver is also remembered by his friends as having an incredible smile, and was very well-liked by his peers. While at Tufts he had been involved with the International Orientation Program and served as an International Student Host Advisor. Additionally, he was an executive officer of the Latin American Society.

Nominee Criteria

In considering nominees for this award, the committee is looking for a senior who has been active with the international community whether on-campus, in the Greater Boston area, or internationally. Ideally, the nominee is a person who has reached out to others and who has had an impact on the lives of Tufts students or to a group or community outside of Tufts. The nominee should demonstrate a love for humanity through his/her involvement in extracurricular activities.

One previous Chapman Award recipient was given this honor based on her initiative to create a cross-cultural peer support group for Tufts students who faced cultural adjustment issues to American college life. Another recipient was one of the primary individuals who brought to the campus an awareness of the needs of Latino students at Tufts. One volunteered, working with a local immigrant population, teaching English as a Second Language. Another dedicated his time to raising awareness of, and fundraising for, financial aid to international students. In all of the above examples, the most striking characteristic of each student was their ability to give unselfishly to others while never expecting to receive any recognition for their efforts.

In considering nominees for the Oliver Chapman Leadership and Community Service Award, the committee asks you to think about the qualities described above when making your nomination. The recipient will receive an individual plaque recognizing his/her award and his/her name will be inscribed on a permanent plaque listing all previous recipients that hangs in the International Center.

Previous Chapman Award Winners

1993 Christine Overholt 1994 Saskia Mechman
1995 Juan Cedeño 1996 Anita Swamy
1997 Shalini Bhatia 1998 Julio M. Terra
1999 Nahid Bhadelia 2000 Aparna Basnyat
2001 Shou Min Tan 2002 Gerald Sean McDermott/Carl Nee-Kofi Mould-Millman
2003 Rodolfo Alborelli 2004 Eli Levin-Goldstein
2005 Carolina Schildknecht 2006 Mauricio Artiñano Guzmán
2007 Sebastian Chaskel 2008 José Alfaro
2009 Malek Al-Chalabi 2010 Antonella Scarano
2011 Michael Niconchuk 2012 Alisha Sett
2013 Jameelah Morris 2014 Anna Zhou
2015 Yiqing Li 2016 Shanice Kok
2017 Barry Maswan 2018 Sopuruchukwu Ezenwa
2019 Akshat Rajan 2020 Anshuman Nemali
2021 Insiya Naim 2022 Aadhya Shivakumar
2023 Rishabh Sharda 2024 TBD