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If you have a question or concern about a scheduled or unscheduled campus visit by Homeland Security, the FBI, or any other government agency, contact the International Center or follow these protocols and instructions for campus visits. Please note that campus visits by government officials are highly unusual. If you are contacted by phone or email, be aware that many scams involve persons impersonating federal or state government officials - consult with the International Center before responding.

If you are a Tufts student, scholar, or employee and have legal questions, please read below. Many questions or issues relating to your status as a Tufts student or employee can be resolved by a Tufts office. However for personal legal matters, you may need to obtain assistance through a qualified attorney or specialist.

Tufts Resources

International Center. If you are an international student, scholar, or employee at Tufts and you have questions about your Tufts-sponsored visa, you should contact the International Center as a first step. The International Center is responsible for managing F-1, J-1, H-1B, TN, and other types of visas in which Tufts serves as your immigration or visa sponsor. In certain cases the International Center may recommend the use of an external immigration attorney, especially for complex personal immigration matters such as change of status applications, US permanent residence, refugee / asylum status, Temporary Protected Status, domestic violence situations, and removal (deportation) situations. In addition, it is important to note that complex cases often require the use of an attorney specialized in other areas of law - such as criminal or civil law, business and property law, tax law, family law, and much more - in addition to an immigration attorney.

University Counsel. Tufts's Office of University Counsel is responsible for representing the interests of the University in its legal matters and legal affairs. University Counsel does not provide legal assistance to students or staff on their personal legal matters. However, if you have any questions regarding legal issues involving the University, contact University Counsel.

Office of Equal Opportunity. Tufts community members with questions or concerns about harassment and discrimination may contact the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO). OEO supports Tufts's efforts to create an environment free of harassment and discrimination.

External Legal Resources