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J-1 Scholars (including Research Scholars, Professors, Short-term Scholars, and Specialists) sponsored by Tufts University's are permitted to be employed only for authorized activities at their primary site of activity at Tufts University. A site of activity is a location at which your J-1 program activities are being carried out. Any activities at other sites, including sites outside of Tufts, must be authorized in advance.

Primary Site of Activity at Tufts

If you are a J-1 scholar sponsored by Tufts to work in a teaching or research position, your Form DS-2019 should include your sponsoring Tufts department as your primary site of activity. Your DS-2019 will also indicate the salary or income from Tufts that you are expected to earn for the duration of your J-1 program. You are permitted to engage in employment and paid activities only for the Tufts unit or location indicated as your primary site of activity. Your primary site of activity must remain the same throughout your J-1 program; otherwise, you must either arrange to transfer to a new J-1 program at another institution (if eligible) or your complete your J-1 program and prepare to depart the US..

Adding Additional Sites of Activity for Outside Locations

Activities taking place at other sites and which do not qualify for approval as an occasional lecture or short-term consultations must be reviewed and approved by the International Center and your Tufts department sponsor. In general, approval is not needed for an informal, non-compensated meeting or visit to an outside location. However, any activity that is compensated, that leads to an official appointment by the outside institution as a visiting scholar (or the equivalent), or that is ongoing, substantial, and collaborative in nature should be reviewed by your sponsoring department and by the International Center to determine whether authorization is needed. Any request to add a new site of activity must be made in advance, and your primary activities must still take place at the Tufts department or location for which you were originally sponsored. If authorized, compensation for activities taking place at these additional sites may be allowed.

(1) Authorization for Occasional Lectures and Short-Term Consultations
The most common situation allowing addition of another site of activity is for occasional lectures and short-term consultations taking place at off-campus locations. "Occasional" and "short-term" generally means that the events or activities are one-time or very limited in number and duration rather than ongoing. To accept payment for occasional lectures and short-term consultations, you must obtain prior written authorization from the International Center before engaging in the activity. In addition

  • the organization paying you must consider you an independent contractor providing limited, short-term services and not as an ongoing employee
  • the occasional lecture or short-term consultations should not interfere with or delay your ability to pursue and complete your primary J-1 program goals and objectives.

To request authorization for an occasional lecture or consultation, you must complete the onlineĀ  J-1 Occasional Lecture/Consultation Approval Request on the International Center portal at least ten business days before the start of your activity. When completing the request, you must submit:

  • An offer letter from the outside organization providing details about the lecture or consultation, including the dates, duration, number of hours, a description of the activity, the location(s) where the activity will take place, and the amount and nature of compensation (if any)
  • A written recommendation from your Tufts supervisor or sponsor that provides the following:
    • confirmation that the proposed activity is directly related to your principal activity at Tufts
    • confirmation that the activity is incidental to your principal activity and will not delay completion of your J-1 program at Tufts
    • an explanation of how the proposed activity would enhance your exchange visitor program at Tufts
    • a recommendation that the proposed activity be allowed.

Upon receipt and review of the application forĀ  an occasional lecture/short-term consultation, the International Center will determine if the activity qualifies for employment authorization. If it does, the International Center will update your SEVIS record with the new site of activity and issue a letter authorizing you to engage in the activity.

(2) Adding Sites of Activity taking Place at Outside Institutions
Activities at outside institutions that may be longer in duration and which require a more considerable devotion of time and resources may or may not be permitted depending on different conditions and circumstances. Ideally, you must make requests to include an additional site or sites of activity outside of Tufts before starting your J-1 program at Tufts, so that it may be included in y our J-1 program in advance. Requests received after you have already started your J-1 program will only be approved in exceptional circumstances and requires the recommendation and support of your sponsoring department at Tufts.

A second site of activity at an outside institution will be added to your J-1 program only if the following conditions apply:

  • your primary site of activity must take place at your Tufts department, with the majority of your time as a visiting research scholar or professor being spent at Tufts
  • your outside activity will involve goals and objectives that are substantially the same in nature as the activities you are undertaking at Tufts (e.g., if you are a research scholar, you will be doing research in the same field at both Tufts and the outside institution)
  • your activities at the outside institution will not cause a delay or disruption to your ability to meet your primary goals and activities at Tufts
  • your activities at the outside institution will not be administrative in nature or involve an offer of permanent employment
  • your activities at the outside institution will help to facilitate the goals of educational and cultural exchange

To request a second site of activity, a written letter from the second site detailing the nature of your activities (including dates, location, duration, number of hours, a description of the activity and subject area, and compensation if any). In addition, your Tufts supervisor or sponsor at your primary site of activity must also provide a letter that confirms that he/she has reviewed the proposed secondary activity, and confirms that

  • your sponsor supports your participation on the grounds that the new activities would help you to achieve the educational and cultural objectives of your Tufts program
  • the activities at the second site are substantially in the same subject area / field as your original program
  • and participating in an ongoing activity at a second site would not delay or disrupt your ability to achieve your primary J-1 program objectives at Tufts.

These documents must be submitted to the International Center with your initial request for J-1 sponsorship from Tufts, or at least two weeks prior to embarking on any activity at your new site.

Updated: Feb 22, 2020