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Wage Requirements for H-1B Employees

Under US Department of Labor regulations, Tufts University is required to meet stringent wage requirements for any worker hired under the H-1B specialty occupation program (as well as the E-3 program for citizens of Australia). Specifically, the University must pay the H-1B employee the higher of the prevailing or actual wage, as defined below. For example, if a position has a prevailing wage of $90,000 and an actual wage of $80,000 the H-1B employee must be offered $90,000 in order to meet H-1B hiring requirements; otherwise, sponsorship may not proceed. These wage requirements were designed to ensure that the interests of both US and H-1B workers are protected with respect to wages and related working conditions.

> Click here for a Workshop for Tufts Departments on H-1B Wage Requirements (narrated Powerpoint), updated December 2023.

Information Needed to Determine Wage Compliance Requirements

In order to ensure University compliance with the H-1B wage requirements, the International Center will ask hiring units and departments to prepare and provide detailed information prior to submitting an H-1B petition for an employee. The required information will be needed to complete the process of requesting an H-1B worker for the unit.

  1. A complete job description that includes the following information:
    • employment start and end dates
    • job location or locations (indicating where the employee will be situated when carrying out job duties)
    • wage rate, expressed as an annual salary
    • part-time FTE, if not full-time
    • primary job duties, including supervisory responsibilities (if applicable)
    • minimum educational and licensure requirements
    • minimum years of required experience needed to carry out job duties, besides pre-professional training
    • any other specialized knowledge or skills required for position beyond what normal hiring requirements
  2. A completed and signed Actual Wage Memorandum that reports on the number of similarly situated employees in the place of employment (e.g., the number of people holding the same title doing substantially similar duties) and the wages or range of wages paid to these individuals
    • This memorandum does not include personal identifiers as it will be included in a Public Access file available upon request to the general public
  3. Actual Wage Supporting Documentation that identifies other employees hired to the same position, and explains any salary differentials in terms of permissible criteria, such as differences in education, experience, job function or responsibility, specialized knowledge and skills, other performance / ability related criteria
    • This information will be submitted to the International Center via our secure online submission portal, and will be made available to the Department of Labor only in the event of a labor enforcement action

Failure to meet the required wage can be considered a serious violation of immigration regulations that can compromise Tufts' ability to sponsor H-1B workers. Please contact the International Center if there are any questions regarding the above requirements.