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F-1 Curricular Practical Training

F-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a type of authorization for off-campus experiential learning and academic activities that are directly related and integral to your major field of study. Examples of experiential learning include an internship, practicum, cooperative education, or fieldwork.

CPT experiences can be paid or unpaid, but must be related to your major. It must be approved by an academic advisor or faculty member in your department and authorized by the International Center. CPT authorization must always be granted BEFORE starting or extending employment - the International Center cannot approve CPT for a start date that has already passed.

Beware of Internship or Job Scams

All students should be aware of the possibility of job or internship scams. Scams may include getting offers from companies that seem but are in fact not real. Many job scams are designed to get you to you pay a fee as a condition of getting the job or internship. If you have to pay a fee up front, even if you are promised "reimbursement" at a later time, your internship is likely not legitimate. Read more about how to recognize job scams.

Eligibility Requirements for Curricular Practical Training

To qualify for CPT, you must be in valid F-1 student status. In addition:

  • You must have completed at least one academic year (two semesters) of full-time academic study in the US before you can start your CPT training experience
    •  Time spent in non-academic (e.g., English language training programs) or primarily online or overseas programs does not count toward the academic year requirement
    • An exception to the one year waiting period is available to graduate students who are in programs that require a first-year internship, practicum, fieldwork, or related activity
  • You must be in good academic standing and making normal academic progress toward your degree
  • You must have a training or job offer that provides you with an experiential learning opportunity directly related to your major

CPT is a pre-completion option for training experiences in your major. Once you have completed your degree requirements (i.e., you have no further academic work you need to complete), you are no longer eligible for CPT.

Types of CPT

CPT may be authorized for the following types of experiential learning:

  1. Training that is required for all students in your program (e.g., an internship or practicum requirement)
  2. Training that is not required, but available for students in your major (e.g., an internship elective) - registration for internship or practicum credit is required
  3. Training that is integral to the completion of a department-approved thesis, capstone, or dissertation topic (students must have completed all coursework requirements except for the thesis, capstone, or dissertation)

CPT-Related Issues and Questions

CPT is usually done on a part-time (20 hours per week or less) during the fall and spring semesters. Full-time CPT (over 20 hours per week) is permitted during the summer vacation period.

Full-time CPT (over 20 hours per week) is generally not granted during the fall and spring semesters. Undergraduate students are restricted to part-time CPT only during the academic year at all times. Graduate students may be eligible for full-time CPT during the academic year only if full-time training experiences are a degree requirement or for students at the all-but-thesis or dissertation stage for whom full-time CPT is integral to the completion of the thesis or dissertation requirement. In other rare cases, graduate students may request approval from an academic dean to engage in full-time CPT.

The International Center requires students to apply for CPT even for unpaid internships or similar learning experiences. This is because curricular practical training is authorization to engage in an academic experience that is a part of the curriculum offered by your major field of study.

By obtaining CPT authorization for both paid and unpaid experiences, your activities will become a part of your SEVIS record and confirmed as integral and connected to your academic program. This lessens the possibility of future questioning of the appropriateness of your internship activity.

Genuine volunteer experiences do not require CPT or other kinds of authorization. However, it is your responsibility to be sure that the activity meets Department of Labor and related standards for volunteer activity. If an activity is primarily to fulfill an academic degree or course requirement, CPT authorization is necessary.

Under current US federal government practice, CPT approval has an impact on your OPT only in the rare case if you do one full year (12 months or more) of full-time CPT. If this happens, you will lose your eligibility for OPT. Part-time CPT or full-time CPT under 12 months should not have an effect on your OPT eligibility.

Note: this is an area that is currently undergoing review by the US federal government. Talk to an International Center advisor about the possible impact of CPT on other types of employment authorization.

CPT is authorized on a term-by-term basis and cannot extend past the start of a new term. Any practical training experience that extends into a new term will require a new CPT application and authorization. Exception: graduate students who have a multi-term internship or practicum requirement, or who are approved for CPT for research activities that are deemed integral to an approved thesis or dissertation requirement, can be authorized for CPT that extends beyond one term. However, students in this situation are obligated to continue to register for internship or research credits and maintain full-time enrollment each term.

  • You cannot begin or continue CPT unless you have a Form I-20 from the International Center with CPT approval with active dates
  • Retroactive CPT authorizations cannot be issued, i.e., the International Center cannot approve CPT that has already started and/or completed
  • If you start CPT without getting International Center approval first, you may be considered to be working without authorization


You can be authorized to engage in CPT in your final term as long as the following requirements are met:

  • You must still be working toward your degree requirements in your final term
  • Your CPT experience must either be required or optional training in your major (if the experience is optional, you must do the CPT for internship credit)
  • CPT is limited to part-time (20 hours or less) if taking place during the fall or spring semesters
    • For certain graduate programs full-time CPT may be permitted; see the section above on Part-time versus Full-time CPT

CPT Application Steps

To qualify for CPT, you must have a job offer from an internship provider. The internship site should provide a letter written on company letterhead that provides the following information:

  • Name of the company or internship site
  • Address where your training will take place (internship site address)
  • Supervisor name and contact information
  • Detailed description of internship or job duties
  • Start and end dates of your internship
  • Expected hours per week
  • Salary information, if paid

Once you have an internship offer, it must be reviewed by an advisor, faculty member or Registrar's Office (Fletcher) in your department. The academic advisor must determine if the training provides an appropriate learning experience in your major. If your department approves of the experience, they will assist you in registering for internship credit. Registration for internship credit is mandatory (except for programs that have a non-credit internship requirement) and must be completed before requesting CPT approval from the International Center.

Note: Fletcher School students will be registered for internship credits (IR CPT: 0.60 credits, non-cumulative) by Reiko Ohmura after they receive approval for CPT from the International Center Fletcher Office. 

Summer Internship Registration (A&S, Engineering, and SMFA Students Only)

If you are a student in Arts& Sciences, Engineering, or SMFA you must register for internship credit through Tufts Summer Session. Undergraduate students will be charged $990 per SHU for the internship course. Graduate students will be charged per their program policies.

Request Deadline 

Submit your request for CPT to the International Center by the following deadlines:

School Fall Semester Deadline Winter Break Deadline Spring Semester Deadline Summer Semester Deadline
All schools
(except Fletcher)
End of add period N/A End of add period A&S & E students - before the first day of either summer session 1 or 2

All other schools- by the end of add period

Fletcher School October 19, 2021 (Fall 2021)

* CPT eligible period: Sep. 7 - Dec. 22, 2021 (Part-Time only).  Fall 2021 CPT must be completed by/on December 22, 2021

January 3, 2022

*CPT eligible period: Dec. 23, 2021 - Jan. 17, 2022 (Part-Time only). Winter break 2022 CPT must be completed by/on January 17, 2022

March 7, 2022

*CPT eligible period: Jan. 19 - May 11, 2022 (Part or Full-Time). Spring 2022 CPT must be completed by/on May 11, 2022

Rolling deadline

*Updated - CPT eligible period: May 8 - Sep. 3, 2021 (Part or Full- Time). Summer 2021 CPT must be completed by/on September 3, 2021.

Students in all schools (except Fletcher) should contact their International Student Advisor if they have an exceptional circumstance that allows enrollment in a CPT qualifying course after the standard deadline.

Requesting CPT

Access the online International Center Portal and access the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Request through the Request Center. Follow instructions provided on the application. The International Center will review your request within 5 - 7 days. If there are any questions, we will contact you.

Summer CPT Registration and Fee Reminder

Remember as indicated above in Step 2, most CPT authorizations require registration for internship credit in the same term when the internship is taking place. This includes the summer session.

  • A&S, SOE, and SMFA undergraduate students should remember that they will be enrolled in one SHU of internship credit through the Tufts Summer Session and charged $990 (with certain students on high need financial aid eligible for a subsidy). A&S, SOE, and SMFA graduate students will be charged tuition in accordance with school and program policies. See the "School-based CPT Policies" section below for more information about summer CPT fees.

Once the International Center approves your request, you will be notified to pick up a new I-20 that contains your curricular practical training authorization (on page 2 of the new form). Sign the I-20 at the bottom of page 1. Also, review the I-20 to ensure that name of your CPT employer and the CPT dates are correct. Talk to your International Center advisor if you have any questions.

  • Show your new I-20 to your CPT employer, especially if your CPT experience is paid, so that they have verification of your authorization to be employed with them
  • If you do not already have a Social Security Number, you can apply for one after you have received your updated I-20 to apply following our Social Security instructions

School-Based CPT Policies

Summer CPT Course Registration

Between May and August, graduate and undergraduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences, SMFA, and Engineering must register for an internship (or similarly appropriate course) through Tufts Summer Session in order to obtain CPT authorization. Students should not register for a Summer CPT course through SIS. To do so, you must complete the Summer CPT Online Registration Form. Once your CPT application has been reviewed and approved by the International Center,  the Registrar will be notified, and they will add your course in SIS.

Summer session courses for CPT can range from 1-3 SHUs. The International Center staff cannot advise on the number of SHUs earned for a course related to CPT; but for most departments an internship course over the summer requires at least one SHU. Please consult with your academic advisor and department or program regarding the number of SHUs required for your summer internship course.

*Graduate students applying for CPT to satisfy a degree requirement do not need to complete the Summer CPT Online Registration Form. Consult with your department or program for course information related to the degree requirement.

Please Note:

  • Students must register before the first day of either first summer session or second summer session, or a late fee will be applied.
  •  Students enrolling in an FMS internship course for CPT should contact the FMS department. FMS is available in the summer for 2- or 4 SHUs. There is no 1 SHU option for FMS99. 

Summer Session Fees

Undergraduate students will be charged $990 per SHU for the internship course. Undergraduate students who are currently receiving financial aid based on high needs may be eligible for subsidy tuition. Make sure to answer the financial aid question on the registration form. You will be notified if you qualify for the subsidy.

Graduate students will be charged per their program policies.

For help understanding your Tufts bill, charges, and payment options, contact Tufts Student Services at 617.627.2000 or .


Academic Requirements

  • In order to meet the academic requirements to engage in CPT, Fletcher School students need to complete the Professional Development Program (PDP) prior to the date of the CPT application submission.
  • Fletcher School students authorized to engage in CPT must submit a final summary paper about the CPT experience and learning outcomes to the Fletcher School Registrar’s office each time they engage in CPT. Students who fail to submit the summary paper for the appropriate IR CPT course will get an NP (Non-Pass) grade. Please consult with Reiko Ohmura, the Fletcher School International Center advisor, for more information.

Ineligibility to Engage in CPT in the Extended I-20 Period

If you request a program (I-20) extension based on the Capstone/Course Extension, you are not eligible to engage in an off-campus internship or seek CPT authorization.  Since CPT is an optional academic activity for Fletcher students except for the MATA (Master of Atlantic Affairs) degree students, CPT engagement needs to be completed during your initial I-20 duration as one of the academic courses to take.  However, you may work on-campus as long as you are maintaining full-time status during your I-20 program dates.