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Form I-765 application for employment authorization, used to apply for Employment Authorization Document (EAD) cards, is periodically updated with new versions or "editions." USCIS may reject your EAD application if you use an outdated edition of of Form I-765. To avoid this problem, follow these steps below.

  • When applying for an EAD card for OPT or another type of employment benefit, never used a saved or stored copy of Form I-765 - always go to and download the most recent edition of the form
  • Fill out the form following all instructions
  • Be sure to sign the form where indicated

Which Edition Should I Use?

Step 1: To find the currently accepted edition date, go to and look for the section under Form Details that indicates the accepted "Edition Date." In the example below, the accepted edition date is 8/25/2020. Sometimes USCIS will accept more than one edition date, but at other times only one edition date is available.

Form I-765 Edition Date image

Step 2: Make sure the form you are using to apply for your EAD card is an accepted edition. After you have downloaded Form I-765, check the form to see that you are using the correct edition date. The edition date is always printed on the bottom left hand corner of the form. Do not mistake the edition date for the date printed at the top of the form. In this example, the edition date of the form is 8/25/2020.

Form I-765 Edition Date Example