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Photo of US Post Office

US Mailing Address Formats

Confused about US mailing address formats? Refer to the guide below for examples

Standard Format

The standard US address format is indicated below. Mail can be addressed to an individual at a private residential address, an individual at a business address, or to only a business address.

Name of Person (or Company or Organization)
c/o Name ("in care of" name - optional)
Company Name (optional)
Building # ⋅ Street Name and Abbreviation ⋅ Unit or Apartment # (optional)
City ⋅ Two-letter State Abbreviation ⋅ 5 or 9 digit ZIP code

The 'care of' or c/o address is used whenever sending mail to a person who does not actually live or work at the address. The 'c/o' person is the person who will receive the mail for the individual.


John Smith
999 Anywhere St., Apt 555 (variation: 999 Anywhere St #555)
Medford MA 02155
Mail sent to individual at individual's address, including apartment number

John Smith
c/o Tufts International Center
20 Sawyer Avenue (variation: 20 Sawyer Ave)
Medford MA 02155
Mail sent to individual "in care of" business address, e.g., Tufts International Center

John Smith
c/o Janet Jones
123 Anyplace Road Unit 111 (variation: 123 Anyplace Rd Unit 111)
Medford MA 02155
Mail sent to individual "in care of" another person at other person's address, including unit or apartment number

Tufts International Center
20 Sawyer Ave
Medford MA 02155
Mail sent to business address without name of specific individual

John Smith
PO Box 999
Medford MA 02155
Mail sent to individual at US Post Office (PO) mailbox

US Postal Services and Shipping Information

In the United States, the US Postal Service (USPS) provides basic mail services for letter and package delivery. USPS manages post offices across the country where you can purchase postage stamps and mail letters and packages. You can use this Post Office locator to find the post office closest to you. USPS can also assist in changing your mailing address whenever you move from one location to another in the US.

In addition to USPS, many individuals use private express delivery services such as Federal Express, United Parcel Service (UPS), and DHL Express Mail service for express mail, US and international package delivery (including Amazon deliveries), and related services. Both Federal Express and UPS maintain in-person stores and drop-off locations across the Boston area.

Tufts Campus Mail Services

Tufts Mail Services provides mail services to and from Tufts campus residence halls, departments, and other offices. Tufts Mail Services coordinates delivery of mail to and from the US Postal Service.