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Flight Support for International Undergraduate Students

If you are a new international undergraduate student receiving financial aid from Tufts, and your financial aid package includes support for your flight to campus, please follow the instructions below. Contact your International Center Advisor if you have any questions. This information applies only to those students who have explicitly been granted flight support as a part of their financial aid award.

Options for Flight Support

You have two options for arranging flight support for your arrival on campus: (1) schedule your own flight and request a reimbursement after you arrive on campus; or (2) ask for direct assistance from Tufts in arranging your flight to campus. As indicated in your award letter, the amount of flight support is USD $1,500, although minor adjustments may be made depending on current international airfare rates.

Option#1: If you are scheduling your own flight, you may proceed to do so. You should keep receipts of airline ticket purchase and present these to the Office of Financial Aid for reimbursement after you arrive on campus in the Fall 2023 semester. If you prefer this option, please send an email to your designated International Center advisor to confirm your intent to organize your own flight.

Option #2: If you would like to request Tufts to arrange your flight for you, read through the terms and conditions below and complete our Flight Request Survey. After receiving your information, the International Center will send your information to a designated travel arrangement, the Travel Collaborative, who will work with you to schedule your flight. Note that if Tufts arranges your flight, the flight arrangements will be made in accordance withe the following terms:

  • Flights will be scheduled for arrival at Boston Logan Airport as the final destination. We are unable to arrange flights with other cities as the final destination.
  • Flights will be scheduled to arrive on your designated on-campus move-in date. Your move-in date depends on whether you are participating in a Pre-Orientation Program or not. Please check the Office of Residential Life's Move-in information page for further details. Tufts is unable to cover housing or hotel costs for students arriving before the designated move-in date.
    • Pre-Orientation Participants: Thursday, August 24
    • Orientation Only: Tuesday, August 29
  • Flight support is limited to the cost of transportation to campus based on best available economy airfare rates. The University is unable to pay for change fees, seat upgrades, extra luggage fees, or other accommodations outside of the campus.
  • Flight support does not include transportation from the airport to the Tufts. Information will be made available to students later this summer regarding different transportation options to campus, but in general students should be aware that they will be responsible for their own transportation to campus.

To request a flight through Tufts, complete the Flight Request Survey. Once the information is received:

  • Your information will be sent to the University's designated travel agent, Travel Collaborative
  • Travel Collaborative will schedule a flight from your destination city to Boston Logan Airport. In certain cases, more than one feasible option may exist. You will be notified of the flight options and given 24 hours to schedule your flight with Travel Collaborative. Travel Collaborative will send you the information directly once your flight has been booked.
  • If any changes are required due to unavoidable circumstances beyond your control (e.g., flight cancellations, etc.) please contact us so that we may coordinate a rescheduled flight arrangement with the Travel Collaborative.