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International Gala Week 2021

I-Club is proud to present our third annual International Gala Week! I-Club will host multiple events throughout the week leading up to the International Gala in celebration of the national International Education Week (IEW). IEW is an initiative led by the US Department of State and the US Department of Education as a way to celebrate the benefits of cross cultural and international exchanges.

For more information about our events during the week, take a look at the schedule!

✦ Whiplash: The Unspoken Truth about Leaving Africa for America
Monday, November 15th, 8:30 pm
Capen House (Africana Center)

✦ World Cup Qualifier Screening: Brazil vs Argentina
Tuesday, November 16th, 6-9 pm

✦ Open Taekwondo practice: I-Club x Tufts Taekwondo
Tuesday, November 16th, 7-9 pm
Jackson Gym 006

✦ International Backyard Games Night
Wednesday, November 17th, 3-6 pm
I-House Backyard (13 Sawyer Ave)

✦ Shockwaves: Navigating Cultural Differences at Tufts
Thursday, November 18th, 9 pm
I-House (13 Sawyer Ave)

International Gala Night
Saturday, November 20th, 7 pm
51 Winthrop

To wrap up our celebration of the International Gala Week, I-Club is excited to host our annual International Gala!! Bring your friends to celebrate unique cultures and backgrounds represented in our Tufts community. You are highly encouraged to dress in the attire you feel is representative of your culture or your favorite semi-formal outfit! Get excited for amazing live performances, food, music, and get to know everyone in the community! We hope to see you on November 20th at 7pm, at 51 Winthrop!