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F-1 regulations allow F-1 students in good standing to engage in paid 'on-campus' employment for any Tufts University department, office, or unit.

On-Campus Employment Eligibility

  • You are enrolled as a full-time student at Tufts
  • You have a valid, unexpired I-20 from Tufts as well as an I-94 record indicating that you have F-1 status
  • You are making satisfactory progress toward your degree or educational objective
  • You have a valid, unexpired passport


  • On-campus employment is restricted to Tufts University departments or offices, and the actual work must take place on a Tufts University campus (however, see exceptions below)
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Many companies, organizations, and foundations (including the Tufts Telefund) may have "Tufts" in their name but are not on-campus employers; students should always confirm that their job is with a Tufts University department or office
  • You must be paid directly by Tufts University through the Tufts University payroll system
  • You are not eligible to accept on-campus jobs that require federal work-study (FWS), with the exception of international undergraduate students with Tufts financial aid who have been given international work study authorization as a part of their financial aid package
  • IMPORTANT: You can have more than one on-campus job, but the total number of hours you can work across all jobs cannot be more than 20 hours per week while school is in session
    • Full-time employment (over 20 hours per week) is permitted during the summer vacation period and school breaks between terms
  • IMPORTANT: On-campus employment authorization ends immediately once you finish your degree requirements, withdraw from your program, or your I-20 expires, whichever comes first
    • You may not continue to work on-campus once you have stopped being a student or finished the requirements for your program (in most cases, this will be the final day of your final semester)
    • It is up to you to ensure that you comply with this requirement; any employment undertaken after you finish or stop your studies requires other types of authorization, such as OPT
    • Failure to work without authorization may lead to a loss of your immigration status and required departure from the US

Authorization Procedure

  • You are not required to obtain International Center authorization for on-campus employment; however, see the exceptions list below
  • You do not need a Social Security Number (SSN) to apply for or start on-campus jobs, but you should take immediate steps to apply for a SSN once you have obtained a job offer
  • Your on-campus employer will provide you with additional paperwork and instructions regarding the hiring and payroll process

Exceptional Situations

In limited situations, on-campus employment may include opportunities that involve non-Tufts organizations and companies. Please read below for exceptional situations and contact the International Center if there are any questions.